Ep 7 – Mark Johnson – Founder of Hotel Chatter, Jaunted and Vegas Chatter which were sold to CondeNast

Today I talk to Mark Johnson, is an entreprenuer, and an investor and a creator.  

Back in the early 2000s, Mark started writing reviews for hotels. When he saw it start to gain traffic, he started to think this might be something he would do.  Over the course of 10 years Mark turned that idea into a business with over 40 content creators. Run out of the attic of his house, Mark bootstrapped that content business into a company eventually sold to Conde Nast.  I talk with Mark about what it was like to build and exit that business.

But before we get into all that we spend time talking about Mark’s newest project Foodboro and what its like to build a service from scratch (again)!  We also talk about the pitfalls of angel investing and Mark describes what its like to be a limited partner in a venture fund.  

This episode of full of fun stories and take aways.  Check it out.