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Karly Pavlinac – CEO of WAAM – Creating Access to World’s Best Celebrity Trainers for $19 / month

Imagine getting to work out with trainers that train some of the most well-known athletes and performers in the world from the comfort of your own home for $19...

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Don Shin – CEO of CrossComm on The Most Common Pitfalls Startups Experience When Building an App or Platform

Don Shin is the CEO of CrossComm, an app development studio applying some of the most cutting edge technologies to the business problems of its’ customers. In this episode...

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Ep 9: Eli Sheets, Founder of IdeaBlock – Using Blockchain to Protect Intellectual Property Rights

“Any four of the big pieces of intellectual property that you can get traditionally — patents, trademarks … copyrights and trade secrets — the common thread that runs through...

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Ep 8 – Joe Colopy, Co-founder and CEO of Bronto sold for $200M in 2015

Back in early 2000’s, Joe Colopy left his job to build a software product – without funding and without even a firm idea of what to build. The first...

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Ep 7 – Mark Johnson – Founder of Hotel Chatter, Jaunted and Vegas Chatter which were sold to CondeNast

Today I talk to Mark Johnson, is an entreprenuer, and an investor and a creator.   Back in the early 2000s, Mark started writing reviews for hotels. When he saw...

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Ep 6: James Avery – CEO of Adzerk, ad serving platform earning +$5M a year

In this episode, I talk to James Avery founder and CEO of Adzerk about how he turned a small ad network doing 1 thousand dollars a month in revenue...

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Ep 5: Allison Wood – CEO of LCMS+

In this episode, I interview Allison Wood, the CEO of LCMS Plus, an enterprise software solution that helps medical schools streamline accreditation reporting and gain greater insight into medical...

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Drew Adams

Drew Adams is the founder of Adams Technology Ventures which creates and invests in SaaS software for small businesses and currently owns and runs Restaurant Engine and SurveyTown. Previous to ATV, Drew was the co-founder and CEO of Contactology, an email marketing software-as-a-service provider, that he helped grow organically from inception to over 20 employees. In 2014 Contactology was acquired by J2 Global.

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