Month: May 2020

Karly Pavlinac – CEO of WAAM – Creating Access to World’s Best Celebrity Trainers for $19 / month

Imagine getting to work out with trainers that train some of the most well-known athletes and performers in the world from the comfort of your own home for $19 a month.  Karly Pavlinac is building a platform called WAAM that allows everyday people to subscribe to workouts conducted by the world’s best celebrity trainers.  She has a growing list of users asking for access to her apps beta, an interface for her trainers to upload new classes as well as business model that is working and ½ million dollars in startup funding.   But road has not been easy.  From sleeping on a mattress in her parents living room, to having a substantial loan of money to fund the first version of her app stolen by a disreputable app development company, if there is one aspect of Karly’s story that stands out its perseverance.  Check out Karly Pavlinac on The Price.


Don Shin – CEO of CrossComm on The Most Common Pitfalls Startups Experience When Building an App or Platform

Don Shin is the CEO of CrossComm, an app development studio applying some of the most cutting edge technologies to the business problems of its’ customers. In this episode we discuss augmented reality, virtual reality, AI, Bitcoin and market opportunities these technologies open up.  Additionally, Don describes the most common pitfalls that startups experience when building out an app or technology platform.  So if you are developing an app or looking to innovate your product or service, check out this episode with Don Shin, the CEO of CrossComm.

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