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The Story Behind The Podcast

Behind The Mic

Drew Adams

Show Host

In addition to creating and hosting “The Price”, Drew Adams is the founder of Company 39A which creates and invests in software and media. Company 39A currently owns and runs Prompty, a web push notification service for WordPress, and SurveyTown, a platform that will send Net Promoter Score emails via an API. Drew is also co-founder of Weekly, a spending tracker that makes budgets stick by focusing on a clear weekly spending limit.  Previous to Company 39A, Drew was the co-founder and CEO of Contactology, an email marketing software-as-a-service provider, which he helped grow organically from inception to over 20 employees.  In 2014 Contactology was acquired by J2 Global.

About Our Show

The startup experience is filled with drama and choices.  Entrepreneurs risk their livelihoods and their futures to put themselves on the line to jump into the arena trying to solve problems for customers.  The Price discovers the stories behind the creation, evolution, success and failures of new companies and the people behind them. What drives those first founders and employees?  What are the ingredients for success? Why do startups fail? What are the hurdles that are being overcome? How is success defined? How do companies change as they mature or grow?   What personal and professional choices have been made to sustain and grow the company? What are the triumphs and tragedies?

There is much celebration of entrepreneurship today.  For example, the funding of startups is popular shows on TV. The Price seeks to uncover the day to day dramas of making choices, defining strategies, serving customers, hiring employees, and choosing vendors that make building a startup unlike anything else in the business.  On one level, The Price is about markets and products. On another level it’s about personal desire and risk. We want to understand the whole story behind the startup.

About the Interviews

Format – Interview format

Length Target – 60 minutes


Potential Interview Questions


  • What is your company and what does it do?

  • What problem does your company solve?

  • Who are your customers?

  • What are your product products and prices? How did you come up with your pricing?

  • What is your background?

  • How was the company created? / How did you decide to start this company?

  • How do you build culture?

  • How did you fund the company?

  • What are the most important metrics that you monitor?

  • Has your strategy changed over time if so how?

  • What is the hardest part of doing what you do?

  • What is the funnest part of your job?

  • What other companies do you admire and why?

  • Has you definition of success or failure changed over time?  What did success look like when you started? What does it look like now?

  • How to manage your personal / professional life.

  • Has building a startup changed you? If so how?