Ep 8 – Joe Colopy, Co-founder and CEO of Bronto sold for $200M in 2015

Back in early 2000’s, Joe Colopy left his job to build a software product – without funding or without even a firm idea of what to build. The first attempt was not going anywhere and the lock was ticking.  But then with his wife 3 months pregnant, and his back against the wall, he focused in on something that was providing some said was useful. That hint of something eventually became Bronto Software, that Joe grew along with his co-founder Chaz Felix from pre-revenue to an exit of $200M dollars – without taking on debt of venture funding.

In this episode we talk about Joe’s upbringing, how he founded his company, found his first customers, partnered up with his co-founder, as well as how and why he sold the company and what it like to be on the other side.